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Born in Athens 1980, our Chef George Xynos graduated from Le Monde Chef School after having mastered the art of gastronomy and set out on an impressive culinary journey. Over the years, he has worked alongside awarded chefs and has found his way through to Head Chef in hotels and restaurants. 

Amongst the major milestones in the career of George Xynos, he got the chance to work at a London restaurant awarded with Michelin star in a life-shaping experience. Through his journey, he has delved into molecular gastronomy and modern techniques, which he enjoys blending with traditional Greek cuisine and a fusion of Asian flavors.  

A member of Chef’s Club, George Xynos has been Head Chef at Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel & Suites for the last four years. Creating exceptional dishes at Cabo Rosso, he has already left his mark to the island’s culinary treasures and he aims at offering authentic explosions of flavors and textures, aromas and colors, thus composing the absolute gastronomic experience in Akrotiri – you are welcome to join him and let him take you with him in his culinary journeys! 
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